Open University at San Francisco State University

Spring 2018: January 22, 2018 - May 24, 2018

Open University allows you to take space-available SF State undergraduate and graduate classes without formal admission to the University.

Who should take Open University?

  • Community college students who want to graduate sooner by taking upper-division coursework before transferring to a university
  • College students who need to improve their GPA before re-enrolling at SF State or another university
  • Anyone who wants to change their work by gaining new skills or knowledge
  • Anyone who wants to learn something new about a favorite subject
  • High school students who are ready to take college-level classes and have completed their junior year*

Who is ineligible to take Open University classes?

If you are a matriculated** SF State student, you are unable to enroll in Open University.

How many Open University units can I use toward my undergraduate or graduate degree at SF State?

You can apply up to 24 undergraduate units toward a bachelor’s degree or six graduate units toward a master’s degree at SF State.

How much does it cost?

$395 per unit. Fees are the same if you are a California resident, an out-of-state or international visitor. Tuition is subject to change.

How do I register?

See the Open University Registration page.

Open University Dates
Spring 2017

Registration Opens: January 22, 2018

*$20 processing fee applies
First Day of Instruction January 22
Last Day to Drop with Full Refund February 9*
Last Day of Instruction May 15
Last Day of Finals May 24


* High school students who have completed their junior year must include a letter from their principal or counselor supporting their intent to take Open University classes. Please include this letter with your registration form and payment.

** A matriculated student is one who has applied to SF State, is admitted to SF State, or who is enrolled in SF State academic credit classes for the current semester. If you are enrolled for the current semester, you are considered matriculated for the next two semesters, even if you don’t take academic credit classes at SF State.