Academic Certificate Programs

SF State offers professionally designed academic certificate programs in which F-1 visa students can enroll. Students in these programs are non-matriculated, and these programs do not lead to a degree.


Business Administration Certificate


Business Administration

The Business Administration certificate helps students build a conceptual and practical foundation in business. This one-year program is ideal for students who have completed a minimum three years of university courses and wish to pursue a stand-alone certificate, with the option of leading to an MBA degree at SF State.


Hospitality and Tourism Management


Hospitality & Tourism Management

The Hospitality & Tourism Management program is designed to provide students with a core of business education and professional hospitality and tourism management knowledge.


International Business


International Business

The International Business certificate program is designed to offer international students and non-matriculated United States residents the opportunity to acquire competencies in international business in two semesters.


Certificate in the Liberal and Creative Arts


Liberal and Creative Arts

The Certificate in the Liberal and Creative Arts exposes students to the liberal and creative arts. Taking a wide range of courses, many of which are also general education courses, students gain broad exposure to the humanities, arts and social sciences.


Paralegal Studies


Paralegal Studies

The Paralegal Studies certificate program is approved by the American Bar Association. Students take five required courses, then choose electives in Corporate & Business Practice, Advanced Litigation and Estate Planning. A Field Experience/Internship course is also recommended.