Spanish/English Interpretation: Curriculum

Online Certificate Curriculum

The formal curriculum consists of six upper-division academic courses (18 units), and two elective courses.

Course Abbreviation Course Title Units/CEU Cost
MLL 400 Introduction to Interpreting (Online) 3 units $597
MLL 401 Sight Translation (Online) 3 units $597
MLL 403 Consecutive Interpretation I (Online) 3 units $597
MLL 405 Consecutive Interpretation II (Online) 3 units $597
MLL 407 Simultaneous Interpretation I (Online) 3 units $597
MLL 409 Simultaneous Interpretation II (Online) 3 units $597
MLL 9917 Medical Interpretation (Online) Elective 4.5 CEU $25
MLL 9916 Advanced Interpreting & Oral Exam Prep (Online) Elective 1.5 CEU $275


Online Course Title Fall Spring Summer
"•" indicates that the online course is offered
Introduction to Interpreting (Online)
Sight Translation (Online)  
Consecutive Interpretation I (Online)    
Simultaneous Interpretation I (Online)    
Consecutive Interpretation II (Online)    
Simultaneous Interpretation II (Online)    
Medical Interpretation (Online)  
Advanced Interpreting & Oral Exam Prep (Online) Scheduled in accordance with State Exam

Academic Certificate Award

An academic certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of all six required online courses. An application for the academic certificate must be submitted six weeks before the end of the semester in which you intend to graduate. Contact the program coordinator to request an application for graduation or download it below.


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