Student Spotlight

Photo: Project Management Student Teason Miao

Teason Miao

How did you hear about the College of Extended Learning?
My cousin was a student in the Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate. He had good things to say when I inquired about it. I checked it out and the prices were reasonable and I was already used to taking classes at night at City College.

What courses did you take at the College of Extended Learning? Why?
I finished the AutoCAD certificate program. While AutoCAD is not applicable to my current job, it was at my previous job at the Marin Municipal Water District. I was also concurrently enrolled in the PMP program. PMP has many applications, and I wanted to add more tools under my belt to make myself more valuable to my employer and more marketable in general.

What were some of the highlights of the course or courses?
They were all fun. The teachers had been in the field for many years, so they were not just book smart. They provided relevant work examples one would encounter day to day while being on the job.

What teaching moments in the classroom were especially helpful?
Hard to say. They were all helpful. Each class expanded on the foundation set by the previous class. So you really build on the skills for the software you want to learn.

What are your career goals?
Become PMP certified. Also since my undergrad degree is in engineering I would like to get my professional engineering license and perhaps start my own company. Long term would be financial freedom to spend more time doing what I love, like going to school and learning. I see that as a life-long endeavor. Or maybe opening a restaurant or having a food truck.

How did the College of Extended Learning help you reach your goals?
I view education as a resource that helps improve who I am. Having both AutoCAD and PMP on my resume looks good and I would like to think that it is what gave me the edge in landing my current job. Employers like to see you actively participating in your own professional development. That you do more than just show up to work. They want to see you grow. Taking classes also shows that you have the potential to learn.

Could you say a few words about your current job?
I work in construction management as a junior engineer at SF Public Works. It is challenging and rewarding serving the city as a civil servant and the product of constructed roads, curb ramps, sidewalks, and sewers is how I am giving back to the community that raised me up. I love my job.

What else can you share about the College of Extended Learning?
I had nice experiences in both programs. They teach specific skill sets for people who want to learn and excel in their careers.