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Semester @ SF State - Dates, Fees & Cost of Living

  Fall Semester Spring Semester

*Students from partner universities may qualify for a tuition discount depending on the terms and condition of the individual agreement.
**Estimated total. Fees subject to change. Cost of living will vary. Textbooks not included in the tuition fee.

Application Deadline May 15 October 15
Program Dates Late August - Late December ​Late January - Late May
Tuition Fee* $6,324 (campus option)
$395/unit (online)
$6,324 (campus option)
$395/unit (online)
Estimated Cost of Living $12,516 (campus option only)
None for online courses
$12,631 (campus option only)
None for online courses
Total** $18,840 (campus option)
$395 per unit (online)
$18,955 (campus option)
$395 per unit (online)

Students pay the following tuition and mandatory fees per semester:
Tuition: $395 x number of units enrolled
Mandatory fees: $132 x number of units enrolled

Mandatory fees include:

  • A robust orientation program
  • Personalized advising services
  • Course registration assistance to ensure you are on track to complete certificate
  • An activities program with:
    • Outdoor recreation, cultural events and sports
    • Visits to San Francisco neighborhoods famous for their unique culture, arts, music, food, businesses and more
    • Guest speakers from local industries

Optional fees (non-refundable, subject to change):

  • Muni: $200 per semester. Unlimited monthly transportation pass for local buses and trains.
  • Mashouf Wellness Center: $173 spring or fall semester, $83 summer semester. Semester access to the Mashouf Wellness Center including state of the art fitness and aquatics facilities, and a recreation and outdoor program.

Refund Policy Fall 2021  Expand

Refund Policy Fall 2021

Tuition, mandatory and optional fees must be paid in full seven calendar days prior to the first day of semester instruction. See below summary of key dates and refund policies for tuition and mandatory fees. Please note the optional fees are non-refundable. For course or program withdrawal, contact the Center for Global Engagement at


Withdrawal from the Program

Withdrawal Date Mandatory Fees
Withdrawal request submitted on or before August 19
(before orientation day)
100% refund
Withdrawal request submitted August 20 - August 22
(orientation day through the day prior to 1st day of semester instruction)
50% refund
Withdrawal request submitted on or after August 23
(1st day of semester instruction and beyond)
0% refund


Drop/Withdrawal from an Academic Course

Drop/Withdrawal Date Tuition
Class dropped on or before September 13 100% refund
Class withdrawal between September 14 and September 20 75% refund
Withdrawal on September 21 and beyond 0% refund

Payment processing service charges are not refundable. Visit Registration Policies for more information.


Semester Dates

Fall 2021: August 23, 2021 - December 17, 2021
Fall 2021 orientation will be Wednesday August 18, 2021. All new students are required to attend.

Spring 2022: January 24, 2022 - May 27, 2022

Health Insurance Requirements (campus option only)

Students are required to purchase the CSU/SF State sponsored insurance offered by Relation. The only two exceptions to this are:

  1. Students on a government-sponsored scholarship that provides compatible insurance coverage as a part of the sponsorship.
  2. Students receiving insurance coverage through an employer-sponsored plan in the United States (i.e., receipt of insurance is a part of the U.S. employment compensation through your spouse).

Estimated Health Insurance Rates (campus option only)

Fall 2021: $945
Spring 2022: $945

Purchasing instructions will be included in your admissions packet.


Visa Information (campus option only)

Although enrollment in SF State Extended Learning is not considered admission to SF State, a DS-2019 for J-1 student status will be issued when students are accepted into a full-time program in SF State Extended Learning and require a visa to enter the country. Students entering the US using a J-1 visa must maintain full-time student status during the time they are enrolled in an approved program at SF State Extended Learning.

Application Procedure

Study Abroad or International Office at home institution should nominate your students by using the Nomination Form. Once the nomination form is received, reviewed and approved, we will email the application directly to students and copy the home institution.

Once you have been nominated and approved, we will send you a link to the application.
Students must show proof of funds for education and living expenses for the duration of their studies at SF State. See Financial Affidavit (PDF) for minimum required amount and additional information.
Please submit a copy of the biographic page that shows your full legal name and date of birth.
Submit a copy of university transcripts with overall grade point average (GPA). If you have never attended a university, submit a copy of high school/upper secondary school transcripts. If transcript is not in English, submit a copy in the original language and a certified English translation. Transcripts will be used to assist in advising and course placement for undergraduate applicants. Students applying to take graduate courses must demonstrate a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
Undergraduate Study: TOEFL iBT 61, IELTS 6.0 or the equivalent. Scores must be less than 2 years old.
See English Proficiency Requirement

Graduate Study: TOEFL iBT80, IELTS 6.5 or the equivalent. Scores must be less than 2 years old.
See English Proficiency Requirement
Students from certain countries may be exempt from the English Proficiency requirements. Please review English Proficiency Requirement for details.

Complete the preliminary course wish list form (PDF) with 10 classes you are interested in taking during your desired SF State semester. Please list the classes in preference order. A complete list of SF State classes can be found in the SF State Bulletin. Please note, not all classes will be offered every term. Class schedules for Fall 2021 will be available in April 2021. Class schedules for Spring 2022 will be available in November 2021. See the SF State Class Schedule.
You are encouraged to submit a preliminary wish list using the course information in the bulletin or the class schedule, but this is not required for admission. Once we receive your preliminary course wish list we will provide you with initial advising. You can update your preferences once the class schedule is posted.

Send checks and/or supporting documents to:

Center for Global Engagement
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue, HUM 101
San Francisco, CA 94132

Or submit supporting documents to