English for Professional Purposes (English as a Second Language - ESL)

Since 1984, the English for Professional Purposes Certificate Program has offered small, interactive courses with individualized feedback to nonnative English speakers, helping them learn the communication skills and build the confidence necessary for workplace success.


The English for Professional Purposes Certificate Program provides students the opportunity to refine written and verbal communication skills that employers find important but are difficult to master in one's second or third language. In the courses, students learn basic concepts of grammar and social practice as they focus on the most practical skills for workplace and public communication. Students may take individual courses or take the four required to earn a certificate.

Intended Audience

Students in this program are nonnative English speakers (au pairs and parents, graduate students and designers, engineers and technology staffers, diplomats and their spouses), who have moderate to advanced English skills.

Program Objectives:

  • Increase skills in spoken and written English and instill confidence to express one’s full personality
  • Present emphasis, pitch, phonetics, question posting, interruption etiquette, business email writing and document composition
  • Teach formal and informal communication styles

Cost and Length of Study

The certificate consists of four courses and costs approximately $1,775, plus a $50 certificate fee. Fees may change without notice.

Students may complete the program in six to 12 months. All coursework must be completed within a period of three years.